Melody Tanis HornerTestimonials for Melody’s Playing and Teaching Skills

“Melody Tanis Horner was kind enough to treat me to a performance at her home. Her playing was beautiful, evident of both her love of music and skill with the harpsichord. And, in the course of listening to her play, I also received a music history and form lesson! In the short time that I’ve know Melody, I have seen that in all she does, she is thirsty for knowledge and generous in relaying that knowledge to others. My experience with Melody and her harpsichord was no different.
Estella Ramirez, Los Angeles

“I enjoyed Melody’s harpsichord concert. She did a magnificent job of giving information on the composers and pieces as well as contrasting the styles of her musical selections. Even though the instrument was the same throughout the program, the whole mood and feeling of the music was different, depending on the piece and composer. Melody did a masterful job of presenting and playing these pieces, so that we could see and feel the images that this beautiful music evokes. I had a splendid time.
John Derian, Los Angeles

“Thank you for your Baroque harpsichord performance. It was just wonderful hearing such rare music, along with the support of your deep and interesting comments.
Jean-Francois Grollemund, Pacific Palisades/Paris, France

“Playing piano got me interested in finding “harpsichord” on the Internet. I searched there, and I found my long-term dance acquaintance Melody Tanis Horner had played harpsichord for an Italian Renaissance Ball at UCLA. After a chat, I had a chance to go to her home concert with other friends. During the concert, Melody gave us a brief introduction to each of the composers featured in the English, French and German sections. I can tell that Melody played very elegantly with emotions in her execution. It sounded amazingly like she was telling us stories left by the composers through musical notation. You will find my testimonial is very true, and you may be eager to take lessons in harpsichord technique from Melody.
Mr. Lee Chiang, Westlake Village