Harpsichord Instruction

Melody Tanis HornerLocal Tuition in west Los Angeles

Harpsichord technique lessons offered to intermediate-level piano or organ players who can sight-read music notation and who have a practice keyboard. Because a harpsichord lacks a pedal and the dynamics of soft and loud, learning a special finger technique to play harpsichord music is necessary. A world of European Baroque harpsichord literature will open to players interested in joyful, beautiful sounds in the current flow of music.

Audition Required
For a casual audition, bring a manuscript that you play well. It may not translate easily to the harpsichord, but it would show your level of skill. At first, I shall play a few pieces, and then it will be your turn.

Baroque (1640-1780) Compositions for Study include the following composers:

English: Henry Purcell.
French: Jacques Chambonnieres, Francois Couperin and Louis Couperin.
German: Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Pachelbel.
Italian: Bernardo Pasquini, Domenico Scarlatti and Bernardo Storace.
Spanish: Antonio Soler and Manuel Blasco de Nebra.