Melody Tanis HornerFrequently Asked Questions | Service and Fees
My service is guidance in harpsichord performance while reading music composed by European Baroque composers, such as Francois Couperin and Domenico Scarlatti. I shall provide photocopied pages of manuscript for several months of study. The Fees will be discussed individually with each applicant.

Q: Can I audition without printed music manuscript?
A: You will need to bring manuscript to the audition to show that you interpret the notes and key signatures well, because the lessons in harpsichord technique will always use printed manuscript, composed for mainly four octaves of harpsichord keys.

Q: May children study with Melody Tanis?
A: The harpsichord lessons are for teens and adults who have reached an intermediate-level with piano or organ studies. Children could be encouraged to study piano.

Q: What is Melody Tanis Horner’s academic background?
A: She used her Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry and Botany when she worked at the University of California Los Angeles, Medical Center, writing committee minutes for physicians and nurses. Later, she earned accreditation as a Certified Nutritionist, and 18 of her nutrition articles are on the Web, under the name of Melody Horner.

Q: What are Melody’s hobbies?
A: No matter whether working, practicing, or studying, Melody has consistently taken group classes in either Scottish Country Dancing, or Ballroom, Latin and Swing dancing, or Argentine Tango, Milonga and Vals crusada. She usually dances twice a week. Besides dancing, she likes to read non-fiction and to create a colorful patio garden of flowers.

Q: Where can I listen to harpsichord music?
A: Tune the radio to any of these KUSC-FM stations in California: 91.5, Los Angeles; 91.1, Thousand Oaks; and 99.7, Morro Bay. You can obtain details of the recordings if you access Playlists by date at kusc.org.